The VivaTec Project

Live better. Give better.

Our Mission

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Live better. Give better.

The freedom to choose and think for ourselves will increase our ability to solve problems, which in turn helps us to become more understanding of others and more effective in serving them. Consequently, when we live better, we give better.

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What We Do

The VivaTec Project is dedicated to improving and defending the quality of life and the liberty of choice for all living creatures. We endeavor to alleviate poverty, clean our water of chemical and plastic waste, create and implement restorative technologies, make renewable energy technologies both accessible and affordable, promote social equality, and many more lasting changes. In short, we love the world. And we want to make it better.

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What Can You Do?

Anything. We founded The VivaTec Project to prove that two people can change the world for good. (Mark 10:27 KJV) 

Join us in making a difference.

- Nat and Rel Carroll

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